Question: Are my friends allowed to use my login information to participate in the course if they have not registered for the course themselves?

Answer: NO. By registering for the course, you have purchased the right to use the course material in the manner outlined in these policies. Your friends have not purchased these rights and hence may not participate as course students without independently registering for the course themselves. It is religiously and contractually unlawful for you to allow friends to participate in the course unregistered.

Question: Why are you limiting the spread of knowledge by placing all these restrictions on your courses?


Answer: It is our intention to spread beneficial knowledge as far as possible; not to restrict it. By following these policies, you are helping us to continue our work. By violating them, you are harming us and preventing us from accomplishing our goals. The Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace) forbade harming others in the famous hadith, “Let there be no harm or reciprocating harm.”