In order to be awarded the Foundations Certificate you must complete the following courses, followed by the Foundations Interview:

 Aqida (Belief):

                            Course Catalog - BLF101

                         Introduction to Islamic Belief: 

                                    Aqida Tahawiyya

Fiqh (Law):

Hanafi route:

                              Ascent to Felicity


                 Part 1                                          Part 2


Shafi'i route:

                                Matn Abu Shuja

Course Catalog - LAS113Course Catalog - LAS114

                   Part 1                                   Part 2 


Spirituality: Any ONE of the courses below


Intro to Islamic Spirituality:             Letter to A Disciple:     

  The Book of Assistance           Ghazali's Ayyuha al-Walad           


Tafsir (Quranic Exegesis): Any ONE of the courses below

QRN100 QRN111 QRN112 

Experiencing the Quran           Tafsir of                                Part 1                                Part 2

                                               Sura al-Fatiha                                      Tafsir of Short Suras

Hadith (Prophetic Sayings): Any ONE of the courses below

HDT112 HDT113Course Catalog - HDT121 Course Catalog - HDT021

A Hundred Words Divine   Bearers of the Throne  Gardens of the Righteous     Hadith or Fiqh?

HDT101 Course Catalog - HDT115 Muwatta of Imam Muhammad HDT120

     The 40 Hadith of               The Compendium of            The Muwatta of        The Person of the Prophet: 

       Imam Nawawi              Knowledge and Wisdom      Imam Muhammad            Shamail at-Tirmidhi

Elective: Any ONE of the courses below

Course Catalog - HST115 HST113 HST112 

      The Blessed Ten                 The Divine Plan              Navigating the Stars: 

                                                                                          Living with the Sahaba

Once you have completed all the above course requirements please contact Student Support to arrange the Foundations Interview.

Upon satisfactory completion of the interview, the Foundations Certificate shall be issued to you.